Things that made me smile

LeBron James finally making the leap and becoming a relentless leader on the basketball court. He followed up on his 29 of 30 points in 4th quarter and OT game with a 20 point 9 assist game and won both. That's how great basketball players get born. On the other hand, Flip Saunders again proved himself to be bad, failing to double team LeBron early in the series and attack LeBron whenever. Whoever LJ is guarding on the Spurs in the finals will head to the basket everytime. I promise you.

Saw my picture on the back of ChiBus... weird.

Drawing the strategy chart for Blockbuster - that baby has so many arrows it'll make my basketball coach proud.

Having our last class in which the final presentation is on how the Boston Red Sox transformed itself from good team that makes money to great team that makes money and wins.

Speaking of the Red Sox, they are up 13.5 games on the Yankees. Actually... they are 10 games ahead of the O's - that's where the focus should be. I bet the O's and the BlueJays are extremely miffed that the media focuses on the race between first place and FORTH place.

Food... more on this later... but Frontera Grill is possibly the best Mexican food I've ever had. Alinea's 27 course meal is to die for - taste-bud-wise and monetarily. Bongo Room's sweet brunch is, of course, SWEET. Will post pictures and slide show later.

And thus I head into the final week... almost done.

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shmoo said...

I keep hearing about the Bongo Room but I've never been.