Graduation and Summer

So, finally, I am an Chicago GSB MBA! Yay!

I have a lot of thoughts I want to write down.

I have a lot of people I want to thank.

But I think I want to write about my summer schedule: Chicago Lima Trujillo Lima Puno Cusco Machu Picchu Puerto Maldonado Lima Chicago LA Chicago Copenhagen Helsinki St Petersburg Moscow Talinn Riga Vilnius Munich Salzberg Ibiza Amsterdam Brussels Amsterdam Paris Nice Monaco Barcelona Budapest Csurgo Budapest London Hong Kong

=) I'm off to Lima tomorrow, so maybe those thoughts and people can wait a little bit!


Ben said...

I am SOOOOOOOO jealous. Have a nice summer and take pictures :)

CJ Lam said...

Congratulations Graduate!

When can we expect another Lam feast together? Let us know if you ever pop by our area!

Take care

hedonist said...

Congratulations!! Now you are a certified nerd...hahha. Well done!

hedonist said...

BTW - Happy birthday! Hope you are having fun travelling!

Helena said...

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