Moving on...

to Cusco.

I joined my family in Cusco finally after the misadventures. Getting a temporary passport turned out to be easier than I thought so I flew out of Lima a day earlier.

Turns out that I didn´t miss that much as my mother and my brother both fell victim to high altitude sickness and they didn´t get to see much of Puno anyway. I guess the bad luck wasn´t going to just stop!

We toured the Sacred Valley yesterday and will tour the city of Cusco today. This city is buzzing with energy all the time. Finishing a great dinner (I had the guinne pig - remember, I am Chinese, so don´t judege me) at 930pm, the streets were still jamming with a parade!

Machi Pichhu tomorrow. I can´t wait. Oh, and my new camera is awesome.


PowerYogi said...

chew them coca leaves, buddy. answer to all your worries ... one heckuva adventure, keep blggng.

Eric Poupier said...

Hey man, sorry for the loss... Hope you're doing fine anyway, it seems so. Have fun this summer! Eric