Applying GSB Classes

I bought my VW Golf in a very unexpected way. I remember walking into the dealership with Alan to explore the options, and walking back out 30 minutes with a signed purchase agreement. Alan was like "huh, did you just buy a car?" Good times. I went in prepared and the deal they offered me was just above the invoice. We shook hands (The dealer guy was called Jim Carrey - I will always remember this) and I had myself my first car!

The goodbye to my beloved Golf was just as unexpected. I drove the car for someone to see. He took a look, asks some questions, test drove it, and then said "I have cash for you back at the store." Completely took me by surprise!

I found myself reaching back to my OB classes (Negotiations, Power and Influence, and Managing in Organizations) when I negotiated. He seemed in a hurry to close the deal, while I was hoping to keep the car for a couple of days. Apparently he wants to buy a car for his gf and he's had bad car testing experiences and he doesn't want to deal with other sleezeballs who try to sell him lemons. We negotiated on price a little and closed the deal. Negotiations are about relationships, not money.

And thus my exodus from Chicago begins. IT commented that I was selling my life (yup, almost everything!). Indeed I am. It hasn't really hit me yet, but I'm sure it will in a few days time.

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