Sorry about the non-blogs... wish I had more time and effort, but I just don't. Peru pictures and text are coming soon to my website. Um... but you can always experience paragliding first.

Random news:
  • In Friendster, you can see who viewed your profile; I was shocked to see the Big V (GSB... ex-GSB) viewed my profile. I clicked on her picture just to make sure it's the same V. Fast forward two days, she's requested to be a friend! Amazing!
  • Some bloggers (TB, I will miss you) have ended their careers. May they RIP.
  • Hey, CNN writes about me!
  • The GSB photo mosaic project is finally finished.
  • Meanwhile, my good friend Erica is battling some HK media.
  • I've been waiting for my movers for the last 4 fucking hours.
  • Peru was good, but not spectacular. It's not as tall as Tibet. The architecture isn't as good as its contemporary comparable. The food is fresh but not that much better.
  • I'm still trying to find time to slow down and reflect. Shouldn't have scheduled everything so tight. Sigh.


Faisal said...

Mosaic is cool, but it's not one of those things composed of actual pictures is it?

Le Voyageur said...

I will put the Patron to good use. Shmoo has the Eastern Europe book - enjoy travels and keep posting. I may not be blogging any longer, but I'll be traveling vicariously through you.