European Vice

As usual, my website has been updated with more travel logs and more pictures! Back to the trip.

Salzberg (or most European countries, for that matter) to Ibiza is like Washington DC to Cancun. Except that Ibiza is even more than Cancun, if that’s possible. Yours truly has never been to Cancun, but Cozumel x 10 might be a good estimator. Ibiza beats them all. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to show a more cultural side of Europe before we move on: this is from Salzberg, the imposing fountain next to the Cathedral.

After three days in Ibiza, my recommendation for future travelers is such:

Don’t get a hotel room, you won’t need it… on to the schedule:
12pm to 8pm: Beach time. Bring a towel so you can sleep.
8pm to 10pm: Clean up. You can shower at many hotels even if you are not staying there.
10pm to 2am: Bar. Drink up before you head to the clubs. Bars also sell cheaper tickets to clubs, which is useful since cover charge can go as high as 50 euros.
2am to 8am: The first club is where all the fun starts. Doors open at 2am, so don’t be early.
8am to 12pm: The second club starts promptly at 8am. I recommend breakfast in between.

Yup, the beach is your hotel. Here's a shot of our hotel and beach area from a nearby castle, a UNESCO building (like many in Europe).

And if there’s one city that could rival Ibiza in vice, it has to be Amsterdam (logs coming)! BSLW and I have long labeled this part of the trip the truly hedonistic. Here's how the Dutch have fun with the misplaced reputation of Amsterdam being all about the red light district and pot.

Amsterdam is a cool city. There's more than just the red light district and pot. Really, there is. The canals are a very nice way to see what the city has to offer. Biking is another, which I did on my last full day. While it is no cultural center like Paris (where I am now), Amsterdam does have many areas that are friendly to tourists: numerous museums that spread within the city, intimate canals filled with floating homes, bike paths that rule the road, all sorts of bridges for boats to go through, and Anne Frank's House (didn't go due to wait, unfortunately). Also, nearby Haarlem offers a great deal of sightseeing without the Amsterdam craziness. I was there visiting a Dutch couple I met in Galapagos Island. Well worth a day trip from Amsterdam if you feel the city is too busy.

Anyhow, here's a picture of Rijks Museum.

Apparently I'm going to meet one of the good friends I said goodbye to as she decided to extend her trip (great decision!) in Paris! Speaking of Paris, I'm having a lot of fun here. The Louvre at night, Arc de Triumph, Versailles, Museum d'Orsay (Impressionism), etc etc. Will update when done. I'm trying very hard to keep up with my travels!


poweryogi said...

If in Paris, you want to check out the Picasso of Pastry, head to:

Pierre Hermé
72, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

It's a little sweet shop, Phenomenal pastries and macaroons. Highly recommended.

Juanjaime said...

My friend filed a complaint saying Lawry's is not on your Chicago Restaurant list.