Slap me please

While I'm on corporate bashing... I'm currently waiting for a standby seat to New York City for United. The seat is basically free... a buddy pass from a friend at United puts me at the bottom of the United customer ladder. Even those who used miles have a higher status on standby.

I lined up at Premier to start with, and was told that I should line up at Economy because I'm using a buddy pass.

So just let me make this clear... I've been a loyal customer to United for more than 10 years and it doesn't count anymore just because I'm using a free ticket. Thanks for the slap in the face, UA.

(Then again, I am flying business and first to NY... I love you, United, I love you).


Gabriel said...

1. Do you mena you got on Business class using the buddy pass?

2. 100% agree that buddy pass should not get any recognition....

3. no wonder UA is losing money....

Laughing Man said...

Its unfortunate that United's Business class isn't much to write home about.