My favorite picture in 2007...

It's been a while since I posted new pictures in Picasa. Last time I uploaded pictures was Csurgo Hungary. I now have more than 10 new albums, mostly from Hong Kong (including temples of Wong Dai Sin and Po Lin... and also food at various restaurants and several hikes), but also some from Macao, Taipei, and New York. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, including an album with my favorite pictures.

The above is my favorite picture from 2007. There are of course better pictures... but I liked this one in particular because I spent a long time to get this "perfect" shot. Without a tripod, I relied on a boken sign post to have a stable stand for my camera. Then I had to wait for the right time to hit the shutter since I wanted to see both the head lights and tail lights trail in the picture. I must have took about 50 pictures before finally getting a few that seemed okay.

It's been a month and a half since 2008, and I haven't even taken one picture that I liked. Sigh.

Some links to share:
  • EXCELLENT quick tutor on photo composition. Though I am not a pro, this is exactly what I do when I have a camera in my hands.
  • While I'm blogging, this is an interesting take on Roger Clemens.
  • I'm not the only one who is abandoning United; I am slowly squeezing what's left of my miles and then not using United anymore. Yay!
  • Here's a Chinese article addressing the naked pictures in Hong Kong.
  • I'm endorsing Obama in the race, only because his chief economist has a brain.

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Laughing Man said...

If United's ticket price cut significantly reflects the 2nd bag charge, then it will benefit passengers who only carry-on or check in one bag.

I'm not for it, as there are too many travellers these days who carry-on waaay too much. Perhaps blame it on the frequent theft committed by baggage handlers, forcing people to shove all their valuables into a rolley suitcase.