Holy... my life just might change...

I can read my blog post via Google Reader on The Crackeric (that's right, I just named it)! Wow, this might really have a large impact on my life. Did you know I subscribe to about 60 different RSS feeds of different blogs and websites? This means I can read SG articles on the run. SG ARTICLES! ON THE RUN!

I think this might have a bigger impact than "my boss can locate me at any given moment via email." (And you think I'm kidding!?)

(Also important to note: I will read this post on The Crackeric later tonight when I am having a foot massage!)

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Laughing Man said...

Welcome to the Addiction. I found myself checking email in the middle of the night while sleeping. The solution was to put the device further away from my bed.

What SP are you using? I find PCCW to have the best offer, yet I myself am stuck with Vodafone.

Don't worry about your boss. See it more as "you're in the office at any given moment, even though you may be physically in the Bahamas". Win-win.