Chinese Movies disappoint (again)

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜發財! 身體健康! etc etc. Someone wished me 橫財就手... I guess that's something good.

I watched two Chinese movies during Chinese New Year. I've decided I need to be more selective when it comes to Chinese movies and not cut them any slack anymore.

"CJ7" is the newest Steven Chow (of "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu" fame) installation. It is a well made family movie but not suitable for mature (yup, that me) audience. The Steven Chow humor was lacking and I came away quite disappointed. Anyway, recommended for families. Not recommended for Steven Chow fans.

All you need to know about the movie "Kung Fu Dunk" is the following conversation.

Me: Do you want to watch Juno?
Movie Buddy (MB): Sounds good. Friday night?
Me: Friday... hmm... I'm watching Kung Fu Dunk. Please don't judge me...
MB: Oh. (Silence) Okay. Uh-huh.

Well, I guess I deserve the results. This might be the dumbest movie I've seen in years. Sure, Knocked Up was dumb; but it was also damn funny. KFD wasn't even funny (I laughed out once on a commend about mixing wine).

What was truly disturbing was an interview with the director that I saw later on TV - he said he spent a long time thinking about this movie. Really? A movie that relies on special effects involving our hero taking many dunks and then winning the championship takes a long time to think up? Hmmmm. One critic commented that Jay Chow's "acting" is maturing. As far as I can tell, he still has only one emotion (think Dazed and Confused) which he occasionally compliments with a smile. Real mature. Jay, please stick with rapping. You ain't no Marky Mark.

Tonight, I will go see Kite Runner. I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed. Juno will be on later in the month, I believe.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the movie, Three Kingdoms (Andy Lau and Maggie Q... Yeah, Maggie Q... no Edison Chan though)? Do you know when it's in theaters?


Laughing Man said...

My buddy wished me 不勞而獲.

I LOL'd.