Some news...

I moved from the bustling Wan Chai to the more quiet Kennedy Town. The new place is a bit... uh... cozy (Marge Simplson style) but the sofa is nice. It can recline electronically. That's all I ask for all my next homes: electronically reclining sofas.

Speaking of the new home, the most amazing part was actually the move. I had about 30 boxes that needed to be moved. A mover came, carried everything from home to truck, truck to new home, drove... all for a mere USD $38! I paid him $60.

Back in Hong Kong, long time TV star Lydia Shum died after some devastating battles with cancer. She's affectionately known as "Fat Fat" and "Happy Fruit." Nowadays, it will be impossible for someone who is fat and not pretty to be successful in the entertainment industry. This loss will be sorely missed.

On the other hand, Edison Chan is back in Hong Kong and apologized to basically everybody. No sign of our culprit technician though. Shouldn't he be the one who needs to apologize (and be charged)?

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Laughing Man said...

Hmm... I disagree. I think the perception is too heavily skewed, so no funny fat woman dares to even try. The EEGs of the region don't dare give her a chance either.

I think this is a task for Grandfather Chow. He can find talent anywhere.