Wing Squad lives on...

The Wing Squad rules... again
32 hours of flight time to spend 30 quality hours in SFO. This warrants a time stamp entry:

1130 - shit, I forgot to bring my driver's license...
1200 - printed out all work-related material... ready to head to airport
1300 - phew, got on the earlier flight to SFO
1310 - enjoying business class lounge - the noodles are surprisingly good! (dessert was a downer)
1420 - snooze
1630 - oh, we took off already? Work...
1631 - Bourne Supremacy is more interesting than work
1745 - Work
2030 - Snooze
2230 - just lost all respect for Clive Owens. I watched the ending of a pretty stupid movie that ended with him holding bullets in between his fingers and using the fire place to heat the bullets and fire them into the bad guy (lost respect for him too - the guy in Sideways)
2300 - Snooze

0100 - just lost some respect for Nicole Kidman and the new 007. They were also involved in a pretty dumb ending with some extraterrestrial virus invading human bodies

Saturday (time difference... I arrive before I depart... it's confusing to me too)
0926 - arrive in SFO
1135 - PNGF arrive in SFO
1230 - Priceline won't let PNGF drive since I had put down my own name (and I forgot my license)
1300 - PNGF friend to the rescue!
1500 - Brunch, no matter what time, is always appreciated
1600 - Snooze
1900 - God I miss ESPN
2100 - Dinner at NOLA - Skirt steak was great
2315 - Beer and foosball; got my ass kicked by WL

0130 - Back to the hotel to snooze
0930 - Wake up
0931 - God I miss ESPN
1130 - Bagel for breakfast
1230 - Shopping in Palo Alto
1245 - Find out that there's nothing to shop in Palo Alto
1320 - Shopping in Stanford Shopping Center
1445 - The Wing Squad assembles
1500 - Superbowl Kickoff!
1530 - Wing Squad mission accomplished...
1930 - Heartbreak loss
2030 - Goodbye to Wing Squad members
2100 - Goodbye to PNGF
2130 - Hello to American airport security!
2200 - Download work emails

0005 - Back in the air again...
0030 - Work
0330 - Done with work... why do movies on Cathay Pacific suck?
0530 - Okay, I just watched Minority Report, which was the best movie playing. Man. Snooze.
1345 - Good sleep. Oh, they're showing Armageddon as well...
1430 - Always laughed when Armageddon ends. This time is no different. Let's send drillers to outer space. Awesome idea!

Tuesday (damn that time difference)
0645 - Stores already open in the airport: that's a good sign of capitalism. Back in Hong Kong (already)!

I have a rule of not putting food pictures that are deceiving. This is not.

This isn't deceiving either. It's chocolate mousse, not ice cream! (Nothing like that in Loire Valley though)

More thoughts on Superbowl later.


Anonymous said...

is it the aberration of the camera lens, or did you actually gain quite a big of "fook"?
happy chinese new year btw :)

- sindy

Laughing Man said...

LOL, I watched the SB on the West Coast too.

There were tears (not of joy).