Bain terms...

Couple of new terms I love, courtesy of Bain parter PH (a.k.a. person who explained at-cause... not sure if that was his invention):
  • Bain Jujitsu - something you don't like? that's fine. right back at you: think of how to fix it!
  • Virtual Baby - parents can leave at 8pm because they have to attend to their baby at home; what's your virtual baby at 8pm?
(Random note: bloggers are in danger! Yet I digress.)

Back to virtual baby: I started writing the below on Jan 1st... then kept it on the shelf. Oh well. Jan was a low productivity month in terms of blogging. It's a comment I posted in response to a friends blog:
  • "If you can't find satisfaction from work, it is indeed difficult to zero in on those non-work, non-sleep time and find a lot of happiness. 敬業樂業 is difficult to do. I believe this is one course the GSB, or any MBA program, didn't teach. For two years, I lived a life that was unrealistically fun and fulfilling and focused on changing careers. Now that I have succeeded, I find it hard to refocus on the new career and find fun and fulfillment from it."
Hold on... I need to understand my own English. Okay, let's move on.

The virtual baby idea ties nicely to the comment. In an ideal world, you make your living by doing something you absolutely love. That is, however, not always the case. If you can't find satisfaction from work, then you have to find satisfaction from life - i.e. the virtual baby.

What's yours?

I think mine is in travel and photography. (Not a good excuse to tell my team that I have to leave at 8pm though!!!) Will continue to develop these.

While I'm on work, Mark Cuban has some wisdom (!) on effort, sweat equity, and his passion for what he does for a living. Mark is obviously a very lucky person. Or was he so determined that he made his own luck?

Last note:

I'm off to San Francisco to watch the Superbowl (On TV, with college buddies) for the weekend. 32 hours of airplane for 30 hours of madness with friends and PNGF. The Wing Squad (2007) lives on. And to think in 2006 that the Wing Squad was over!


shmoo said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... why didn't I know you were coming to SF?

Satyajeet said...

Dude, you were in Frisco?