Holy crap. My ass is frozen. Imagine that (crap and ass and all) being true.

It's ZERO degrees (Fahrenheit!) out there! Without windchill! This calls for drastic action: keep sleeping and pretend the cold isn't there. It worked until 11:38am this morning.

Anyway, I'm done complaining now. Will cook lunch and then head out to school to be a student. PRS (post-recruiting syndrome) was in full effect that last week or so. Not much motivation to do anything beyond what is expected. That quickly changed on Thursday when I was tagged to organize a mini Spring Break trip. Friday I went to buy a pair of hiking boots (mine were permanently damaged in Tibet last summer - LAST SUMMER!), two books, and some other miscellaneous items. Good times. Now I must deal with the consequences - no doing work for one whole day is detrimental to your health. Let's see... I have four cases to prepare for next week. Then I need to start preparing for finals since I'm heading to SF for a reunion with the Wing Squad.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Chicago. the land of fun and minus 60F (record chill with wind chill). Since I have enjoyed reading your blog in reliving my youth and reckless days.. I thought I should at least leave a trace of my visit.
Chicken feet soup ?? you know where you can get some. Have fun


Josekin said...


You're still living your young and reckless days.