You can take away the cable box, but you can't touch my soul

RCN: oh yes... about two weeks ago, you made me wait at home for three hours without showing up. And you did it to me again last week. That's SIX freaking hours I allocated to waiting for your technicians to show up. On top of that time, I'm probably still paying $5 a day to keep your overrated service. I waited on your lines for 30 minutes before you were finally able to "call the technician" and the technician miraculously "just finished a job and is heading to your apartment right now," even though he's already an hour late.

Well, here's my revenge: you can take the cable box away, but I am keeping the phone line just so you keep the connection box with me. I have reconnected the cables (sans the box) and still have basic cable and phone service. My internet I share with my neighbor.

So I'm paying $6 total for the phone line. A far cry from the $150 you tried to charge me, EH!? And I still have ESPN. You will not take that away from me.

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