Shrimp Tempura!

Here's the truth: Chicago has very good white food and black food. Yellow and brown food? I'm sorry, it's really awful. AWFUL, DAMN IT!

As part of a celebration for the birthday of our very own 2R, I recommended Coast Sushi... I can't remember the original reason. Anyway, I was very disappointed. So disappointed that I tried to leave a comment on Chicago Citysearch... only that it was too much trouble to sign up to leave comments. So instead, I will leave them here:

Service: The restaurant manager has an atitude problem. We made a reservation for seven and showed up with nine. After asking to add seats or add a small table to the side, the manager refused and explained that the table and the single server cannot handle the extra people. Company policy. Okay, that's fine, dear... but DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES and just TURN AROUND when I was speaking with you about alternatives! Man, I was asking if two of us could be seated nearby and the manager just TURNED AWAY.

Food: All I have to tell you is the Shirmp Tempura. We ordered it as an appetizer. When it arrived, I swear I thought those were onion rings. Same batter, same color... but it's the tempura. Shrimp tempura looking like onion rings. Great.

I can't wait for some real yellow and brown food when I visit Boston!


Anonymous said...

Man, if the manager just turned away, I don't see why you stayed.

You better Melman that place!

- shmoo

Anonymous said...

C'mon ,there are decent yellow / brown food in chicago.. just that some restaurant managers are so jealous of you MBA guys having fun and spending money, while he's slaving away ( wasting time ) in his low paying job. Try Blue Fin in Buckstown area next time. Nice ambience, good food, and they even stay open in the afternoon for old folkies like us.