Dream a little Dream

Lately, I have not had good sleeps. Keep having dreams that I vaguely remember. Judge for yourself:

Feedback finally: a very simple dream. It seemed to lapse a long time but I bet it didn't. I received, in the mail, a letter that detailed my interview with a certain consulting firm, the same firm that gave me one of the weirdest consulting case interviews I had. Anyway, in the dream, I'm reading the feedback form in disbelief. Cursing at every turn. I was furious that I was graded poorly in virtually all aspects of the interview. Then I woke up.

Ski trip: now this one clearly stemmed from my Wisconsin debacle. An old friend of mine (welcome to my blog, 阿仔) and I were heading to the ski slopes. The mountain was so big that we had to park our car a couple of miles from the slopes and then make our way there. Apparently, the only form of transportation was the supermarket trolleys. So my friend hopped on and I pushed, and then we switched spots when I got tired. Then there was a downward slope, my friend accidentally let go, and down I went. Then I woke up.

I sweat, I'm not even making this up!

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