Hey man, good luck

Yesterday (Friday) I went through three second round interviews. Truth be told, I've come to expect anything in the second rounds. There were some very serious interviews, then some very goofy ones. Anyway, on the way back home after a grueling day, I smiled at some of my funny thoughts on the recruiting gang (god - whomever that may be for you - bless you all):

Surface: "How's recruiting treating you?"
Reality 1: I had the same first round yesterday... no call for me, I hope the same for you
Reality 2: Same as 1, but... no call for me, this guy/gal probably has one, damn it
Reality 3: Same as 1, but... I got a call for a second round, who's my competition?
Reality 4: I know you have tons of offer, and you're still interviewing for my job!

Surface: "Who are you here for?" (while at career service)
Reality: Okay, I need to remember that I am a team player, like small firm culture, etc etc...

Surface: "How was your interview?"
Reality: Please tell me everything I need to know before I go in

Surface: "How did it go?"
Reality: I don't care. Pleaes leave. It was a courtesy question. Leave. now.

Surface: "That was horrible, absolutely horrible"
Reality: I have a chance

Surface: "It went okay"
Reality: It was BAD

Surface: "I don't know, man, I don't know"
Reality: No way I'm telling you about the interview.

Surface: "I had a good time with the interviewer"
Reality: I have no idea what they think of me

Surface: "I think it went well"
Reality: I failed to impress

Surface: "Yeah, I think I did well, but you never know about these things"
Reality: I nailed it

Surface: "I nailed it"
Reality: I nailed it; if I don't get a call back, I will burn them down

Surface: "Hey, I got an interview to run to, see you!"
Reality: Damn right, do you have interviews?

Surface: "good luck, man"
Reality: good luck to you, better luck to me

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