Ski Trip!

Oh yes... almost a year since I last skied in the icy Northeast, I finally get to pack my skis and head to the slopes. Here's what transpired:

6:00 Snooze
6:09 Snooze
6:18 Call my friend who needs a morning call. Snooze.
6:20 I'm up. It's so cold in the apartment that I put on my ski gear before brushing my teeth.
6:30 Out the door
6:45 Pick up my friend
7:00 Arrive at next stop to make the requisite wait for other friends and hope they woke up in time.
7:30 Alright, off we go.
8:14 Lost, of course. We took the wrong turn and come across the first McD in America. A worthy mistake to make.
9:30 Arrive at ski slopes
9:45 On to the lift
9:46:00 Off the lift! Ready to ski!
9:46:17 Oh shit, I'm at the bottom of the slope already!

Well, you know, I should have expected this. This is the freaking Midwest. I must have made about 20 runs until I was bored. Then I had lunch, accompanied a friend to teach him how to ski, which I found way more interesting than spending 17 seconds coming down the slope, and then went back to Chicago around 3:00 pm. Uh... and to think that I would have a great time at 6:00 am!!!???


Anonymous said...

I know you just miss skiing with me, hon!

Anonymous said...

6am or 6pm?


Josekin said...

Waking up at 6am...

Anonymous said...

thought you went to CO? i am going to sugarloaf/ME Mar 18 weekend, you are welcome to come!! will make sure we get some nice shrimps for dinner :)