Top 10!

Top ten highlights (or lowlights) from recruiting:

10. "Are you ready for some good news?" Hell yes! My first offer was delivered by a partner; I was much more relieved afterwards.
9. "Are we all set?" I asked my seventh interviewer in a day (last of three companies for 2nd rounds). He responded: "What do you mean?" Awkward silence.
8. "Sorry we didn't close list you." Really? You're sorry? Should I thank you for calling?
7. "You did really well on your case interview." Uh... does that mean I have a second round? No!? But I thoguht I did really well in my case interview!?
6. Speaking broken Tagalog (Philippines language) to a recruiter, who did not understand it, leading to an awkward 10 second silence.
5. From Semi-haves to Haves - getting the call from my first choice.
4. Silent Dings - the act of not calling you after an interview. Meanwhile, second rounds are going on and you still hope that the phone rings.
3. "Helllllooooo...!" I picked up the phone with my boyfriend voice. The caller ID was "Unknown" which usually meant it's my girlfriend. Uh... it's a recruitor calling.
2. "Proceed with caution because we do not have enough data." My recommending at the end of the case interview that went nowhere.
1. "Grand Canton." I spelled "Grand Canyon" as "Grand Canton" - luckily, since I put Everest and Fuji in front of Grand Canyon, all the interviewers must have thought Grand Canton as some exotic hiking destination that they didn't know about.

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Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. You better sign the offer - or I'll come kick your ass, since now I'm a retired Facil.

2. I'll have to ask people to take a closer look on your cv for "Grand Canton"...perhaps it'll be an interesting question about which mountain in China you climbed...