Gone fishing

Yes, yes, the Bulls have gone fishing. Twas a good fight. Couple of very good 2nd round matchups, including the ridiculous Spurs-Mavs. I'm also looking forward to how the Pistons will completely shut down LeBron. In other relevant news:

Went fishing at Michigan (the State) with a bunch of GSBers. Good times. A nice and relaxing weekend far far away from school. Unfortunately, wireless internet was also available at the vacation home. Anyway, we caught a 14 pound King Salmon that tasted really good at night!

I got raped by my investment midterm. I suspect most people in the class got raped as well, so I should be okay.

I will have my first all-Chinese study group. I wonder what is going to happen...

I submitted a bottom ten for the Hyde Park Center building. Concluded with bathroom faucets not working.

The over-under on how many times I will watch Red Sox vs. Yankee 2004 ALCS Game 4 is 10.

My order from Barnes and Noble arrived: Freakenomics, Lonley Planet Ireland, Now I Can Die in Peace, and Guns, Germs, and Steel. Can't wait to read them all.

I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how I spent about $300 just cus I felt a strain in my hip. Apparently they charged me for hospital fee, x-ray fee, doctor's fee, and medicine fee. Why I bought $2000 worth of insurance if I'm charged all that crap is way beyond my comprehension. Even after speaking with Mary from the insurance (she's great), I still have no clue.

I really want the summer to come.

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Anonymous said...

I read Freakonomics during my move from Boston to Chicago and I read Guns Germs and Steel during my China trip. Both were interesting, but not that great really.

Hope your hip feels better.

- shmoo