Red Sox DVD: The curse of the womanly slap.

Now I Can Finally Die in Peace: Well... since I've read most of the book before in SG's columns, it's not a fair review. I did LOL a few times alone at home though.

Mission Impossible 3: Better than 2, worse than 1. Hollywood has gotten this franchise completely wrong. Big explosions are nice and all, but MI was about a team of professionals using gadgets and brains to beat the bad guys, not guns and jumping around buildings in Shanghai.

Lucky Number Slevin: One of the best turn around films I've seen in years. What's a turn around film? The first three quarters of the movie was rather confusing and at times boring. But the last quarter was well worth the ticket price. Good movie.

Waiting for Da Vinci Code and X-Men 3. Also on my list is Thank You for Smoking. A good start to the summer movie season. In other news, I caught the beginning of The Core, an absolutely ridiculous movie about the Earth's core stop spinning and scientists plant nuclear bombs to start it again. Anyway, by catching the beginning, I found out that the geologist (or whatever) teaches at the U of Chicago! Anyway, I have no point. Please shoot me.


Huckle Cat said...

I completely agree with you on MI3. What was up with some of the lame dialogue- "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall" - WTF??

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you even deigned to see that movie.

- shmoo

P.S. Yeah, I'm waiting for X-Men 3 too.