Long Weekend. Summer. At Last.

Memorial Day long weekend. What should a GSB student do for the weekend?

a. Study hard for finals. Afterall, starting early will ease the pressure later on. Since finals usually count for a huge chunk of grades, studying early would serve the GSB student right.

b. Movie marathon. One can watch X-Men 3, Da Vinci Code, AND Mission Impossible 3 on the same movie ticket! This will propel the GSB student to unchartered territories: knowledgeable about contemporary entertainment.

c. Party. TNDC, the void left from yet another botched LPF, Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday all day. The possibilities are endless. While it might be detrimental to grades, the GSB student needs to consider GND as well. Plus there was a memo that everybody was going to get a B.

d. Do nothing. So, the GSB student has been doing "stuff" every week for the past... oh... year. It wouldn't hurt to take a weekend off right before finals, right? The GSB student can catch up on the baseball season, reply to dad and mom's emails, watch the playoffs, go shopping, hang out. You know, all the normal human activities.

Well, some of you may already know how my weekend turned out. Shmoo and I organized a BBQ party on Sunday. I spent Saturday learning about option strategies and then set out to buy and prepare food. The party was great as both food and people were plentiful. Summer has obviously arrived as it was really hot out. Hopefully this weather will persist.

I spent Monday updating my website. Since I can't do flash, I've decided to stick with html for now. My website will still start with a flash world map... but I will change that when I have a chance this summer.

And suddenly, it is Tuesday morning. I have chosen c and d. Way to be a student, way to be a student.

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