The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

That's what I meant in my previous post! Anyway, somehow, my marketing study groups all have similar attributes in that the team is better than the sum of individuals. Last quarter, our six member monster marketing team bounced back from a poor first assignemtn (poor results, good process, not sure that counts though!) to ace our second assignment. The current data-driven marketing team is demolishing problem set by problem set. Although I'm pretty sure our answer is not what the professor is looking for, I decided to keep my mouth shut because I thought we had a better answer. Will pay the price, perhaps... oh well.

The weekend was quite eventful, starting, unfortunately, with yet another sub-par Japanese restaurant. Only this time it cost me $50. Recommended by a Japanese classmate; that was the only reason that I even considered it. I will now boycott Japanese restaurants in Chicago unless it's recommended by Japanese and Yuri. Expensive and not-very-good food was followed by me being violated by a young lady looking for her wallet. And then followed by some quality Karaoke.

Saturday was meeting up with Vivian from Toronto. Long time no see! The night kicked off with CAP Korean BBQ Party, then a bar event at Jin Ju, and then some poker action.

Sunday was paying for all my sins. Study and writing papers. And then the weekend is finished. haha! Way too fast!


Le Voyageur said...

Which resto was it (just so I don't have to repeat the learning curve)?

Josekin said...

Coast Sushi and Tsuki. I'd love to explain why they suck... but uh... just don't go.