I'm studying for my investments midterm right now in the GSB quiet study room. There are quite a few oxymorons there, such as "I am studying," "studying... investments," "studying... right now," and, worst of all, "quiet study room." There's a reason they named this the quiet study room! Don't talk on your phone as if we don't exist!

Anyway, some random thoughts on the NBA playoffs (I hope Bill Simmons publishes my mail):

Go Bulls! They were down 2-0 and came back to tie it only to loose game 5. Good effort nonetheless. I was at game 3 and the game was awesome despite the blow out.

These ridiculous suspensions have got to go. Here's a solution: fine players the game check and let them play in the game. I'm interested in how much effort they put in if they aren't getting paid. Oh, and having all the players on the court, of course.

Spurs-Kings: The Spurs don't look like Champions. Shareef Abdul-Rahim is in the playoffs finally. Since then, he's showed up for one game and also managed to turn Mike Bibby into a non factor for the other games.

Suns-Lakers: I still don't like Kobe Bryant. Steve Nash is scary when he is angry. I can't tell the difference between Shawn Marion and Bin Laden - both have disappeared.

Nuggets-Clippers: I can't tell the difference between Camelo Anthony and Bin Laden either. Is he on the Nuggets? I don't care what Reggie Evan's excuse was. The Clippers have a chance to the CONFERENCE FINALS! Do I need to repeat that?

Mavs-Grizzlies: Don't mess with Dirk. Don't mess with Germans. Chucky Atkins singlehandedly destroyed Memphis' chance of winning 1 game. Trade him to the Knicks. Isiah will need some scoring point guards who can't pass.

Pistons-Bucks: Pistons are going to win it all. And they are going to do it in a very boring way. A white starting center in the low post! Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Bogut.

Heat-Bulls: Gordon is no Jordon. Wade is damn good. You have to see it in person. Shaq needs to retire soon. Don't throw mouth pieces. Basketball is not hockey... but I can see how it can be more fun if it were.

Nets-Pacers: Please throw Vince down on the floor. He will never come to your neighborhood again. J Kidd, thy time has come, thy time has gone. Jermaine O'neal, thy time has come, thy time has gone. If your fate is in Anthony Johnson's hand, you have no chance.

Cavs-Wizards: Apparently Big Z, Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, and Drew Gooden have decided to see how much LeBron James can do on his own. So far, they are doing a pretty good job. Gilbert Arenas will never win a championship.

Back to investments.

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