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heh heh

In other news...:

Cast party on Saturday night was fun. I whooped out my Chinese accent English - maybe do a skit next year.

I played tennis for the first time in 5/6 years. Form is okay, timing is way off. Need a lot of practice. Blisters suck.

Watched the Cubs get two-hitted by the Padres from the rooftop seats. Odd experience since you don't really know what's going on in the stadium (scoreboard faces homeplate).

Sucked into watching Da Vinci pieces on the Discovery Channel. They had three: one on Da Vinci's Code (the book), one on the Holy Blood and Holy Grail (the book), and one on a piece of painting that is suspected to be Da Vinci's. Fascinating programming. I love conspiracy theory.


Huckle Cat said...

Good list!

Le Voyageur said...

11. When you fix the latches on the stalls in the bathroom, try to see if it actually works by closing it (lest you pick a latch that is too large and prevents the door from shutting, thereby rendering the entire stall worthless). Gotta love HPC!

Josekin said...

Oh yeah, how can I forget!?