"The following takes place between 12AM and 12AM on June 5, 2006"

I just realized that I should have said that before my describing my day...

I don't understand the big deal about 6-6-06... what about 6-9-69? Isn't that a more intriguing date? I understand that you'll need to go through 6-6-60 before you get there, but still... I hate the media. Look, if 6-9-69 doesn't become a big deal when I'm 90 years old, there is no justice. Hmmmmm...

I still haven't seen X-Men 3 and Da Vinci Code. Maybe before my investment exam on Thursday. I even have a meeting scheduled that morning.

I packed a little box and two pieces of luggage last night. I can't imagine those who have to move during exams before heading out for their internships.

I don't get fixed income. Equities and options all make sense; but fixed income doesn't. I was reading the notes on my couch and fell asleep last night.

I need to do a year-end review of the GSB. That will come soon. I'm already excited about it. If you're reading this, try and remind me if I'm missing anything: LEAD, my 10 classes, BSG, CAP, Beijing Trek, Belize, Spring Break... (that's right, I have no life outside of the GSB)

Hmmm... I can't believe how little is on my mind right now! SWEET!

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