This feels like...

My second day in Hong Kong...

7:30 - I'm up due to jet lag... at least they are playing some good plays from the world cup
8:00 - complimentary breakfast at corporate apartments
8:50 - leave apartment
9:00 - arrive at Bain office and start filling in forms for corporate card
9:15 - powerpoint training starts
9:16 - wow, this is mind blowing... and to put this into a little bit of context, the CEO at my former employer used to ask me to man the laptop when it was in the final edit phase. I was quick and I was accurate with powerpoint, rarely using the mouse and always knowing all the shortcuts. And this training at Bain is completely blowing my mind.
9:25 - I'm still being amazed!
11:00 - Excel training now... haha, now it's my domain. I went out to do something more useful, such as setting up my voice mail and getting my cell phone set up
12:30 - Lunch on Bain. DIM SUM, finally!
1:30 - More training...
3:00 - Manager explains all the potential projects, ending with "I can't tell you what you are working on until tomorrow because I am really busy and I can't meet with you one on one"
3:10 - I start looking at prior cases just in case...
5:00 - Time to go home!! SWEET!!
7:00 - Arrive at parent's to have dinner
7:30 - Reading my family tree... which my dad retrieved from some temple up in China. I'm the 25th generation. Every step of me was retraced! The first Lam was a provincial official sent to 福建 (FuJian) in 宋朝 (Song Dynasty) in about 960 to 1279 AD.
10:30 - Leave home to go home... so weird, yet so normal
11:00 - World Cup!

And... this feels like home.

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Anonymous said...

i was at their reception for potential applicants a couple yrs back. one of their ACs put up a slide as "sample ppt to clients". i was standing 10 ft away from the screen, and all i could see was an image jammed with at least 30 lines of irresolvable words of font size <=10.

i was amazed too.