Back from Ireland

A whirlwind crazy week. After finishing my exams on Thursday night, I packed a suitcase to Hong Kong, packed a suitcase for London/Ireland, and then cleaned up my apartment for the summer sublet. On Friday, I was off to London. Due to time difference, I arrived in London 6am and took a cab to make the 11am graduation ceremonies for my little brother. He's graduating from high school. Anyway, later Saturday afternoon, we were off to Dublin.

A week in Ireland. Dublin and The Burren. Per usual, my website will have more details once I develop my pictures (in Hong Kong, of course, I can't stand the US standards and prices for developing pictures) and organize my travel journal.

Flew back to London on Friday, had birthday dinner with my family and some old friends from Hong Kong. Saturday morning I was off to Chicago. Had to make some last minute housing arrangements. Get my suitcase from my apartment where the sublet has already started. Move everything to the emergency housing place. Then off to another dinner with GSB friends (thanks for dinner, guys!) on Saturday night. Sunday, today that is, I woke up and left for Boston. Bruce is hosting me here.

I'll post something better when time allows.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday + 3.

Sorry I missed it!

- shmoo