$65000... well spent on a GSB MBA!?

Short Answer: Oh, Yes!

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I thought this would a fitting picture for the conclusion of the school year:

1. Top left, Drinking Cum in Your Eye Shot in Belize - ah, life before MBA. I kept thinking to myself (and no doubt my fellow first year colleagues were thinking the same) that this MBA thing is going to be awesome. Drink, drink, drink, and the drink some more! And when I'm not drinking, I'm on the beach or on a sail boat! Sweet! I also met some of my (future) best friends on this trip.

2. Top middle, LOE - all I remember clearly from LOE is that we had to be at HPC at 6am to catch the damn bus to Wisconsin. That and Karaoke night and a lot of partying. Good times.

3. Top right, Chicago Marathon - this was in the start of the Fall quarter already. AG friends came to run the marathon and I showed up to cheer. Things are speeding up already. Although I came into business school knowing what I wanted to do for the summer, I was still learning a lot about the consulting field. This was also a few days after the Red Sox were eliminated by the White Sox.

4. Middle left, Golden Gargoyles - yes, we're at the end of the Fall quarter already. GG is a LEAD event that completely exceeded all my expectations. When someone asks me "who are you wearing," you bet it was a fun night. Got my mind off some serious workloads.

5. Middle middle, St Patty's Day at Howl at the Moon - alright, time flies. We passed exams in the Fall quarter, Beijing Trek where I met many companies to affirm my interest in Asia, a nice week in Hong Kong to visit friends and family, and recruiting season, a.k.a. the unnecessarily stressful period in business school that is a necessary evil. As you can see, my facial hair is that of one who is done with recruiting. Was a good night!

6. Middle right, Grand Canyon - Spring Break! The picture was at Grand Canton... uh... Grand Canyon. But the key was Vegas, which of course I am not free to discuss. But of course there are things I can talk about...

7. Low left, Greater China Conference - You can see the gradual loss of facial hair. The spring quarter is hard to predict. With only three classes, I still find myself busy with student group work. I didn't work on the Greater China Conference, but I'm working for another one. And I can only imagine how much work they have put into this.

8. Low middle, Michigan - always fun to be totally irresponsible and leave for a weekend. It's a pity that the second years didn't start doing this at an earlier time. I feel like I'm missing out on the opportunity to really know some of these fine folks. On the bright side, the school year is almost over and I was eagerly waiting for the summer internship to begin.

9. Low right, and ending appropriately with a drinking picture from Belize - I hope my summer is the same!

Now, I realized I didn't talk about any of my classes. Okay, quickly:

Micro, Accounting, and Regression - at least I got them out of the way

Operations - with the right professor, it could be really good, I still learned some new stuff in this class

Marketing - Once again, a good professor is EVERYTHING, I learned while having a lot of fun... also had one of the best study groups

Competitive Strategy - a whole new world to me. A quality introduction to what the MBA is all about. I'm surprised that this is not a core requirement.

Managing the Workplace - classic U of Chicago; even with issues such as HR, classes still place number and data behind everything. Everything has a reason, and that reason will not be something that cannot be quantified.

My spring quarter classes are here.

Okay, I'm tired.

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