Starting... finally!

Today, I will start at Bain in Boston... that's where their training is. I'll be flying back to Hong Kong on the weekend and report to the office Monday first thing in the morning. Exciting indeed.

Bain Hong Kong. My top choice firm, my top choice location. I wonder to myself why I got so lucky in the process... and I do actually have an answer for you. It has something to do with the dollar bill showing the twin towers on fire, or that 9+1+1 = something related to the flight numbers.

Bain's Address? 233 S Wacker
My Address? 233 E Wacker

Bain's floor? 44
My floor? 44

Bain's fleece jacket? Landsend, bright red, black zipper
My fleece jacket? Landsend, bright red, black zipper

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... and so I start. Finally.

By the way... I watched a bunch of movies on the plane:

King Kong: one benefit of seeing movies on the plan is that they are "edited to suit viewers on the plane" (or something like that). That means two things: no swearing and shorter. So glad I saw the short version of Kong. Boring. I can't believe someone paid $10 to sit in a theater for this crap.

Wimbledon: Laugh all you want... here's my defense... I literally watched it on someone else's screen when I was watching Kong myself. I still don't like Kristen Dunst. Nobody can convince me otherwise.

Firewall: what a dumb movie. Harrison... your time is up. I hope they make Star Wars: Han Solo's Greatest Moments.

Forth movie: I can't remember it... which means I should and then tell you so you don't see it.

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