My reaction after the German's 4th goal... amazing shot. The keeper had absolutely no chance. What an entertaining first game. Too bad Americans don't give a crap. Some quick comments before I head off to London:

Mavs vs. Heat is a fun series. I hope the Mavs win... only because I want to see David Stearn and Mark Cuban shake hands at the podium.

If Germany keeps playing like this, they will have a hard time advancing in the elimination rounds. Great pressure defense in the midfield, very suspect in the backfield, which gives opposing teams many chances. Give it to Costa Rica might be okay, but how many can you give to elite teams?

I love watching football. So much better than watching American sports because of the flow and lack of timeouts.

Commentators are AWFUL. I miss 阿叔。 No color commentating. It's obvious that these guys don't really know what they are doing. For example, a defender who didn't have a chance to get possession in a forward pass slides over and kicks the ball out of bounds. Standard play. Commentator: WHAT A PLAY BY XYZ! He had NO chance at the ball and DID THE RIGHT THING! Uh... that's pretty standard, my friend. Since I'll be in Europe, I expect much more... especially the Irish commentator.

Have a great summer, readers! I'm off to London, Ireland, and Hong Kong.

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