Allow me to help you procrastinate

Here's how my day went, Huckle Cat style:

12:00AM - okay, what am I doing here... studying? TV? Which one?
12:05AM - must study Corporate Governance and Privatization
12:10AM - 1 minute break for ESPN2 poker game
12:20AM - 1 minute break for ESPN2 poker game
12:30AM - 1 minute break for ESPN2 poker game... okay, I'm procrastinating
3:30AM - Finally done with studying
7:00AM - Alarm
7:09AM - Snooze
7:18AM - Snooze
7:27AM - Snooze
7:36AM - Snooze... I'm up
8:15AM - Now I'm up
8:43AM - At school. My last stand against International Comparative Organizations. I should have chose to do the final paper
8:44AM - What's new on CNN...? ESPN...? Oh, Bush is trying to ban gay marriage again
9:23AM - Okay, I have to start now... going through practice exam 1
9:51AM - Practice exam 2
9:52AM - Hmm, friend asks about investing... I'm obliged to answer
10:20AM - Done explaining alpha and r-square, back to my notes
11:10AM - Oh, it's too late now... heading into "I don't care" mode
11:30AM - Exams starts
12:12PM - Colleague in front of me groans... dude, I feel you man, I feel you
12:45PM - I'm developing arthritis in the exam
1:15PM - No point in continuing the struggle
1:16PM - Must... get... one... more... point...
1:30PM - Hoof, one down, two to go... I'm hungry.
1:41PM - Nothing is intriguing in the cafeteria... to the computer lab
1:45PM - Data driven marketing take home final... keep programming...
2:30PM - I am really hungry... meeting with CAP Conference Planning Team
2:47PM - mmmmm.... Chilli.
4:25PM - We're bored in the meeting. This will keep you hooked for at least one 10 minute span. Try not to do this at the library or a quiet study room.
5:03PM - Done with meeting. Back to computer lab for the DDM final
7:45PM - My summer sublet is calling for my keys, must head back home
8:08PM - Just in time... to be late. Here are the keys, let me show you the trash shute
8:40PM - Off I go, back to the lab. Gleacher one this time
8:50PM - Resisted urge to turn on laptop... nicely done
10:00PM - Almost done with DDM final... heading home now, lab is closing
10:24PM - Red Sox lost 5-13 to the Yankees!? WTF!?
11:00PM - Full fledge procrastination: MSN, GTalk, Email, ESPN, Youtube, etc etc
11:59PM - Feel need to recount the day so I can keep procrastinating
11:59PM - Start blog entry...


Huckle Cat said...

YES! Something new to read!

Anonymous said...

If you want to feel better, procrastination is positively correlated with perfectionism; and the chance that the latter causes the formal is very high.

So you can claim that you are not hopelessly lazy.