Almost done with Edinburgh

It's kind of weird that I've spent more time in Dublin and Edinburgh than I have at Exeter. Maybe the inner me is just rebelling against my former colonial masters. Despite all the warning of awful weather and chilling winds in Ediburgh, I have found the city a very charming and classical city. The only complain is food, though I've been warned of that many times. Haggis and Black Pudding. That's all you need to know.

Will return to Chicago Monday night, skiving my Corp Fin class (it's a Scottish word, don't ask...).

Can't wait to go to Boston next. Also can't wait for Corp Fin finals to roll around. Also can't wait for the ski trip. And Galapagos. And then I can look forward to being broke. I love the life of an MBA.

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shmoo said...

What are you doing over spring break?