Yet another movie we have to watch for class. Okay, second one. This time it was 12 Angry Men, a black and white classic from 1957 which was nominated for 3 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director. "Per usual," since I couldn't make the scheduled screening, and PP offered again to show the movie at her place, I jumped at the offer. This time it was redemption for PP. She did a great job, all the way to the yummy popcorn that probably took a whole 3 hours off my life. =)

Great movie... especially for some of my MBA colleagues. Right now, I'm not sure if I want to talk about the movie more or about people who should watch this movie. Alright, I'll play nice. The movie was very good. The simplicity of the premise and the focus on dialogue made it very intriguing. Basically a story about 12 opinionated people and how they got influenced. Spectacular material for management training. The greatest thing about the movie was that it accurately portrayed 12 different types of personalities, motivations, and think process. So you can observe each of the men make their decisions.

The biggest lesson (uh-oh, this brings me back to the MBAs who needs to watch this movie) from the movie is that having a strong opinion and wanting to be the alpha dog is not what inspires and influences people. It is about being in good faith and using a non-confrontational argument. Why is this particularly useful for MBAs? Because in the real world of working, you'll have a boss or you'll be the boss of someone. But in an MBA, we are all equals. Some people don't seem to realize that...

Anyway, went to a new dinning place De La Costa; so new that cityseach doesn't have them listed yet and that there is no official website (!?) yet. Last Friday's LPF was there, and the snacks were great. Not quite good enough to forget the walk there though: we were battered by wind and rain and cold... anyway, so that's the reason I never wrote about it. Oh the trauma of being bowled over by wind and soaked by horizontal rain.

Anyway, CL and I decided to head back there for some real food. Much better night to walk there this time. The food was even better than the snacks. We have a Peruvian / Ecuadorian seafood appetizer, a Tuna tartar cold tapas, and two hot Southern American starters. Yummy stuff. I especially liked the lamb chop and the raw scallops. Next time I will go and try some of the entries and dessert. (Instead, I'm having Ben and Jerry's: Coffee Heath Bar all the way.)


shmoo said...

It's so covenient too. There was a TNDC there back in October, but I'm upset I missed LPF last week.

12 Angry Men is indeed awesome.


MZ said...

The atmosphere and snacks there worth the walk, but only under good weather.

Josekin said...

I can't tell you who CL is.