Stranger than Fiction

Friday's LPF was hosted by the alumni office and was held downtown. It was really bad weather out and we made the really really really really really bad decision of walking over from Columbus Plaza. Should have just drove there and parked illegally - the police can't give any tickets cus they won't be able to stand anyway. Usually a 10 minute walk, we took 30 minutes to get there. Drenched in water and completely miserable, we were denied entry to the party room and settled for hanging out near the kitchen and grabbing the snacks as they came out. Food was good, situation was not.

Eventually, we got in and hung out and decided that we needed real food followed by a movie. Stranger than Fiction, a movie about a tax agent trying to avoid certain death, narrated to him by an unsuspecting author suffering from writer's block, was the choice.

It was a pretty good movie. Characters were likable and borderline adorable. The irony is, of course, is that the movie presents several scenarios that taxes and deaths can indeed be avoided. Taxes - hire an ex-IRS agent. heh heh. Death - face it with a reason to live. With the courage to look death in the eye (ops... just made a phone call to sign and deliver myself to Bain Hong Kong... back to the blog), his life was spared. Oh... I'm not trying to link accepting offers to looking death in the eye.

Damn, I hate it when I'm so easily distracted. Stranger than Fiction. Will Farrel accepted the inevitable and then lived life the way life should be lived - in companion and with purpose. That is how you avoid meaningless death. On the flip side, I guess, is when companionship and purpose is lost, a meaningless death is probably meaningful.

Yet I drift.

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