Do I blog too much?

Maybe I do, even if I have to make that question the title of a blog.

Yesterday was Bain's presentation. I am officially on the other side of the table now. First years forming circles around me. Presentation was quite interesting, but let's just cut to the chase: dinner.

Dinner was at Vivo. The 2nd year Bain Greater China presentation was also at this restaurant earlier in the quarter. They had really good h'orderves (why can't I find the right spelling for this word on the internet!?) . I chose a Ceasar salad (decent croutons), a pork chop entree (more on this later), and a cheesecake (decent).

It got me thinking. What the hell happened to pork as an entree. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had pork chop as an entree. Pork of course comes in all forms: sausage, bacon, ham, burgers, dim sum, etc etc. But as an entree, it has been completely eclipsed by beef, chicken, and all types of seafood. But for ribs, I guess... but even ribs are mostly from a cow rather than a pig. Weird. What happened to all those pig meat? It can't just all become mystery meat, right? Right!?

Well done pork will always taste drier than the alternatives, so I suppose the drop in popularity makes sense. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my pork chop very much as I knived through the bones. I'm craving some steak and sushi now. Will be in Boston (thank you, Bain!) in a few weeks. Oiishi. Oiishi. Oiishi.


Sindy said...

you gotta try niman ranch pork then if you haven't. i had it at chez panisse at berkeley once. absolutely delicious.

also kurobuta is very good. i think i brought that, as well as kobe beef, to hotpot the time we went on the MIT ski trip at smugglers notch. u prolly forgot.

shmoo said...

Mmm... dead pig.

MZ said...

free meal is always good...

Le Voyageur said...

hors d'oeuvres ;)

i_will_make_it said...

Wow. Missed the pork meal. Hope you ate my share!

By the way, cool website. Love the interactive travel map. :-)

Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!

Tim said...

Why are you going to Boston? Is the sell weekend in Beantown this year?