Burma and Lenovo

On the surface, you'd think Burma and Lenovo have nothing to do with each other. Oh, but they do! Allow me to illustrate:

The other day, I received a postcard from Burma, a.k.a. Myanmar - I'm not really sure which is more familiar to you, but Burma it is for me. Mom the travel agent was invited by the Burmese government to visit the great country of Burma to look at their tourism and hopefully help the country... which is ironic because Burma actually limits the number of tourists allowed each year. Anyway, it was a nice postcard of a cave with Buddhas in it. Curious about efficiency at a 3rd - some would argue 4th - world country, I looked at the post dates. Mom mailed it off October 1st. I received it October 27th.

The connection between Burma and Lenovo?

Well... I ordered a Lenovo T60 on October 10th. ALMOST forgot about it. Until the Burma postcard came. "Wait a minute... didn't I order a computer right when my mom mailed this postcard...!?" were the words that went through my mind when I read the postcard date. Not that I really needed a new laptop; the old one had problems: it can't shut down - must be done manually, takes 3 minutes to boot up, can't press anything during those 3 minutes, the mouse pad sometimes doesn't work, multiple programs will freeze the computer, and, lately, "corrupted personal profile," which I was able to fix somehow. But they were fatal. So there was no urgency. Probably why I sort of forgot about the order almost. Could it be possible that Lenovo's assembling a computer and then mailing it to me would take longer than a postcard!?

Alas, Lenovo barely beat Burmese post offices. I received in November 2nd. A bit more than 3 weeks, compared the the 4 week delivery of a Burmese postcard.

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Anonymous said...

but you finally got it... and i will send you more emoticons to cheer you up. :)