It's Break Time!

Oh, it's so nice to finally reach Thanksgiving Break. I'm heading to Scotland to visit my little brother before I can no longer understand his English. I have no idea what I will be doing in Scotland, as the last few days have been littered with study groups, final projects, and general (though destined to fail) catching up with classes. I'm ready for Whiskey, with a capital W.

(for the curious, I'm in Atlanta right now waiting for my transfer; also doing my corp fin homework, negotiations final project, and org change final presentation)

In a recent email to a friend, I claimed that I have accomplished my target with regards to business school. It's true. In my application to the GSB (two freaking years ago!!??), I said I wanted to end up in Hong Kong as a strategy consultant after my MBA. Within weeks of my GSB experience, I said I liked Bain the most. I also said I wanted to be a student leader for an Asian club and lead a visiting trip back to Asia.

There were many more targets that I set. Somehow, I have almost accomplished them all. Yet, this has been a strangely unsatisfying quarter for me. There were up times (conference) and down times (post-conference). Up times I wrap myself in work and labor on. Down times I watch TV and sit on the couch. So now, my blog consists of food and movie reviews... which isn't a bad thing, I guess. But... as I wrote in the same email, the lack of a target in life is frustrating.

My friend said "congrats," as in congrats that you've met all your targets. I guess I should look at it that way!

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Anonymous said...

i completely understand what you mean. this blog reasonates very much with what i've been going through in the past month or so. when everything seems to be going 'right' (at least on paper), there is something hidden beneath the pristine surface that something isn't the way it ought to be. and you wonder why, questioning lots but still trying to convince self to be forward-looking and to be content. not easy at all...