Finally, a nice meal

After so many Lunch and Learn (Leave) and presentations, it's refreshing to finally head to a real restaurant for recruiting. How I got that was even more interesting. A consulting firm was doing their presentation earlier tonight. I've interviewed and worked with one of the recruiters so I thought I'd drop by to say hi. Here was our conversation:

Me: Hi, xxx, nice seeing you again, how's life treating you?
Him: Nice seeing you too. I'm really tired.
Me: Oh, we can catch up at another time!
Him: Yeah, I'm going to get some rest. Let's catch up at dinner later tonight...
Me: Let me take a look at my schedule... hmmmmmmm
Him: Capital Grille at 8:30 okay for you?
Me: (CAPITAL GRILLE!?) Yes! (Erasing original dinner plans...)

4 hours later, I'm a satisfied man. Maybe it's cus I'm making comparisons with L&L and presentation food. Compare to Gibsons, Capital Grille was a disappointment. The medium rareness was very good but the meat was just a bit sub par for the quality that I expect. I had a filet mignon that just didn't have the juice and the bite. Compared to Capital Grille in Boston, the Chicago one was not nearly as good. Anyway, the appetizers were decent and the dessert was okay. Overall a disappointing experience. The wine was good though. I think our hosts had the same opinion of the wine and the food.

Either way, my first nice meal in Chicago. Should have recruited more. =)

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Anonymous said...

For great steak. you go to the country restaurant outside of chicago metro. Art & Alma, in Burlington Illinois ( 10 min. from our house) had a questionable past in Al Capone days. This is farm country.. and they serve the best steak and decent wine at the best best price ( cheap). Come in some time, and we'll show you what great steak is. Gibson and Nebraska steaks do not come close. Got to come in before June next year !! nc