SuperBowl was boring. You can never guarantee the quality of the game, but the American advertising world usually makes sure you have a good time with the ads. Unfortunately, not this year. (BSLW, you didn't miss much) I have two suggestions:

1. Segment the ads into offends a stereotype and PC / doesn't offend a stereotype; pick half from each segment.
2. Ban car ads... and ban exclusive advertising rights to one beer.

The game itself was alright with a thrilling first quarter and somewhat thrilling second quarter. The second half I could have slept through.

But the ultimate highlight is of course the first time Wing Squad did their work outside of Boston. Three of them flew in from Boston and one from San Francisco, plus spectators. You know all those college debacles which forever gets discussed whenever you and your buddies meet up? Except that the first few minutes you feel kind of awkward bringing it up because it was so embarrassing and you haven't seen your buddies for a while? Well, it took all of 10 minutes to make the first "he peed on your bag" joke (don't ask). And then all the good (and bad) times started to pour out. I love college.

Wings were from House of Wing (singular...) and were quite small, contrary to the Wing Work Wings which feature mutated chicken, tumorous wings, and hair. I miss Wing Works. Anyway, we each ate 30 and accomplished the mission. No struggle though, which usually becomes the highlight of the SuperBowl when the game slows down.

Next year, I will be in Hong Kong during SuperBowl... maybe I should fly to Boston for the game.

By the way, Chicago is below zero degrees (-18 Celsius) today. It's been like this for a solid week. Outside my apartment on the bridge? Probably -15 degrees windchill (-25 Celsius). I need a beach for Spring Break.


Anonymous said...

You need a casual hiking to Machu Picchu! HAHA

- R2

Anonymous said...

BTW, has a more detailed critique on this year's Super Bowl Commercials.

- R2

Anonymous said...

Why it couldn't show the link correctly?

- R2

Anonymous said...

I personally like the House of Wing (the one on Clark and Fullerton right?) They make them with Korean hot sauce. They're also very very hot (not spicy) when you eat them right at the ghetto little place. It's so good though. Yummy! - JL

Eve said...


CL said...

i want chicken wings too!!! but not the hairy mutated ones (sorry eric, but that does not sound appetizing). eve, let's go this weekend! =)

Josekin said...

But... they are SO SMALL.