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Hong Kong was never democratic under British colonial rule. The Queen picked the governor, who then piked his government in Hong Kong. Yet in the early 90s, the colonial British government was compelled by the iminent Chinese takeover in 1997 to introduce democracy (Ah, the irony...) to introduce a democratic process by which the legislative council would be by election.

i.e. hmm... we've been a very good dictator of this land... but there's a bad dictator coming along, so let me introduce democracy and then get on with my life in Britain.

Anyway, since the return of sovereignty of Hong Kong (a.k.a. handover) in 1997, the Hong Kong government has always been a passive struggle with the society. They were never good at convincing that the government was doing good for the people. And the people never trusted it sicne they didn't elect it.

Damn, this is a lot of words for something very simple. I saw the following job opening on the English newspaper "The Standard":
  • Binder machine operator

Me me me! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Under the financial crisis, our government is looking for a binder machine operator!? In an English news paper? I assure you all the professional binder machine operators don't read "The Standard". How would I prepare for this interview? I did some binders back in Boston... I might have even saved one of my managers from losing her mind when she could get the machine to work. How much is the pay? Does it come with government benefits? Would anyone notice the folly and start protesting? So many questions.


Juanjaime said...

Lack of common sense on a grand scale, which means our education is shit.
But then democracy has been an ongoing development since the time of the ancient Greeks, and it is still developing.
Universal Education to the wider public is what, something of the last 100 years? It began as an institution to house kids running about in the streets during industrial revolution. So the beginning was to control these group of kids and educate them to become functioning elements in an industrial society.

I think I'm biased lol.

Laughing Man said...

Not only does our government like to piss away taxpayer's money, they'll go out of their way to do it.

I often cringe when the Hong Kong government makes decisions.

chaubella said...

binderizing... yes, i do remember those days... i wonder if i still have my binder macro...