Lost in Translation

I do understand and speak Mandarin. So Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson's experience in Tokyo don't really apply to me. Yet, when you are in foreign (as in not your home) land, there is always something that is lost in translation.

The movie was okay. I didn't like the pace of the movie: too slow sometimes, too fast at others. I also find the stereotype of Tokyo a bit overdone. I'd still recommend the movie to see Bill Murray's surprisingly decent acting... it is, after all, a tailor made role for him. Oh, and Scarlett Johansson's fine ass, shown in the first minute for a solid, um, first minute.

Speaking of Johansson, I recently watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. It's the same acting in both movies! I last commented that Johansson's acting was disappointing in that movie. I repeat the same sentiment for Lost in Translation even though the critics seemed to like it. It's the same person in both movies. Where's the acting?

Recommended movie. It does make you think. In a good way. Especially for consultants who travel too much.


chaubella said...

don't be so harsh on miss johansson. there are a number of actors who seem to be recast in the same roles time and time again... ben stiller, seth rogen, samuel l, jim carrey are the ones who come to mind...

Ming said...

I loved this movie - mainly because I really enjoy watching bill murray as an actor. "more intensity!"

Josekin said...

It's "Mor-le inteeenseeety"