The Pursuit of Happyness

So far, in 2009, I've been pretty good with my blog - 23 so far for one and a half month. Next is to read more and connect more.

Watched the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness on Valentines Day (what an awful festival for those who cannot be with their loved ones). Almost watched Lost in Translation as well but my common sense took over and I went to bed.

Pretty straightforward movie about the underdog finally achieving his goals in life, even though he got his biggest break (going to the ball game) through a lie - told in front of his own kid, no less. Great performances by Will Smith (as usual) and his son (I'm telling you, he has the goods. He's no Sixth Sense kid... but his naivety and pureness was infectious).

My only problem with the movie is what seems to be a glorification of money and its correlation to happyness (spelled wrong by the day care centre in the movie). As Will Smith wonders in front of the Dean Witter offices - "They all look so happy" - I'm wondering whether that's the same for every profession. The pursuit of happiness is all relative. You compare your life to a Dean Witter stock broker, then more often than not you will be below the happiness line. Compare your life to those lining up at the homeless shelter, then you will be above the happiness line. I'm glad Will Smith found his way to the top... but what if he didn't? His world won't just shatter into pieces. He has alternatives too.



hedonist said...

I watched "definitely, maybe" and "before sunset" for Valentine's day...maybe you should go with these more conventional choices next time...haha

Kwun said...

i don't like the likening of happiness to money too! i remember feeling that it's a shallow movie. in general, i don't like will smith's movies that much...