Ultimate poker question

In my dream, two nights ago (Yes, I'm gambling too much):
  • Holding As-Ac (ace of spade, ace of clubs) in the dealer position, I went all in after a big raise in the early position was called by the player before me. Both players called.
  • One player had Qs-Qc
  • The other had Ad-Kd
  • Ah-7h-8h
At this point, I am dominating the hand. I had trips against a pair that can only improve with running Queens. The A-K player is drawing dead against my hand.

However, when the turn came (4th card), I was devastated... in my dreams. And then I woke up.

What was that card?


Juanjaime said...

Hmmmm.... was that a joker and you guys had to reshuffle?

SJ said...

is Qh the most generic guess?

Or it is another A and turned out the cards are not right (like happened in Sanya)

Juanjaime said...

Oh.... Qh.. hahaha. silly me.. i should stay out of poker

Josekin said...

Ace of spades. DEVASTATED!