Which is crueler...

1. Raise it, kill it, eat it?
2. Hunt it, kill it, eat it?

I was watching Planet in Peril (CNN) and it had a section covering the sharks fin industry in Taiwan. It was actually a pretty good piece of reporting, albeit a bit skewed in their opinion on the subject. Um, yes, CNN thinks it's cruel and not right to hunt sharks for just their fins and then throwing the carcass back into sea even though the law requires the fishermen to keep the carcass. For economic reasons, only the fins were kept.

A few friends of mine, as a result of watching this show, have stopped having sharks fin soup. Which is good, because that's where CNN wants the consumers to go. Personally, I don't see the culinary value of sharks fin soup. The taste is so-so and the price merely reflects supply (short) and demand (decent).

Anyway, I digress again. And again. Doesn't #1 sound crueler? Raising something with the sole purpose of killing it later?

I'll eat what's delicious... and that would be steak. I'm sorry that the cow was placed lower in the food chain by mother nature and human intelligence. Somethings are not meant to be, cow. If it's shark fin, I'm also sorry mother nature didn't make the shark smarter and avoid the bait. Such is life, get over it.

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