Reign Over Me

I attended a classmate's funeral last night. We were not close friends but I remembered him as a quiet and thoughtful person who never made a fuss about anything. He was a great pianist and his playing blindfolded has always reminded me on how brilliant he was in music. May he rest in peace.

As we sat in the funeral home, however, all I could really remember was Alan. I had tears yesterdays... but they were not of sadness. They were tears of compassion and sympathy for those whom my classmate loved and left behind: his parents and his sister. I do not like funerals for the emotional roller coasters that it brings up within me. Yet yesterday was a peculiar calmness that overcame the compassionate and sympathetic tears. Perhaps it wasn't one of "my own". Perhaps is knowing that they have all ended up in a happier space. There was a hint of sadness when I remembered Alan. It was a very selfish moment. Yet I relish it like no other.

Watched "Reign Over Me" a while ago. At first I caught it on HBO for the last 30 minutes of it. Then I saw the whole thing the next night. Adam Sandlers piss poor performance was compensated by an excellent story and Don Cheadle. Decent movie over a simple story line. The lesson, as always, don't judge simply because they are not like you. Recommended.

A very emotional movie for me, particularly those last 30 minutes. "I see them all the time." Me too. Especially in weddings, mass gatherings of people, and funerals. And that's why I don't like them. Nothing personal, just selfish.

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Laughing Man said...

I have a very similar experience. However, I don't dislike weddings because of that. I just think weddings are boring in general unless it is a close friend or family member.