Talking heads

"讲就天下无敌, 做就无能为力" Cantonese saying basically describing someone who talks the talk all the time but never walks the walk.

Thanks to the financial crisis (or, in Hong Kong's case, dumb investors, entertainers masked as politicians, and inept government officials), we get to see a lot of talking heads these days. You know them: they sit in a round table and talk.
  • They let you know that the world is collapsing in front of your very own eyes and the government isn't going to do a damn thing to save you.
  • They also let you know that these problems are really easy to solve... only that there exists some invisible force (usually bureaucracy or rich people or big business) that prevents the problem from being solved
  • They let you know who is on your side (the talking head himself or herself, of course)
  • They let you know who is not (those who don't agree with them)
  • Finally, they let you know since they bring up all these problems, they deserve your attention. Or your vote, if those are politicians
Oh, they let you know a lot of things... none of them are good news. And none of them are solutions to all the problems they bring up.

Now, I'm a fairly simple person. I'm lucky to have a very satisfactory life and, therefore, I don't have much to complain about. In these harsh times, it's a privilege to live well and not worry. I don't take it for granted. I imagine if things turn South, I'd be working my ass off to make it go back up. I might complain, but I'll do more.

Which makes these talking heads Josekin's public enemy #1. Criticizing is easy to do. Consider this logic:

1. Nothing in life is perfect
2. Things that aren't perfect can be criticized
3. Things that are criticized ought to be fixed and given a solution
4. The solution is a thing in life

Now, where would Darwin want to be? You don't want to be #1 and be imperfect. You don't want #3 either cus thinking of a solution may be challenging and, ultimately, as #4 and #1 show, the solution won't be perfect.

That leaves the easy way out: #2. Criticize. Complain. Talk the talk. And never walk the walk cus, God forbid, you'd be imperfect if you walk. Criticizing is an easy way with no real down side. And so our talking heads around the globe are really having a grand ol time these days.


Juanjaime said...

please join politics some time in your life?

chaubella said...

at first i thought this was a music blog. and was really amazed that JVBF knows who the talkings heads are. FAIL. j/k

wow, i haven't seen you so worked up since your coup d'etat entry. =)

Josekin said...

I'm worked up? No no... just writing.

Juanjaime said...

i used your words in a facebook page, if you don't mind