Movie Time!

In preparation of our Organizational Change class, we had to watch "The Thin Blue Line," a documentary about a police investigation gone horribly wrong. The professor had arranged to have the movie played before class and throughout the week. As the diligent student, I went to a screening last week... only to be late and fall asleep for most of the documentary. I was awake enough to sort of understand the story line, but probably not quite enough for class discussion quality. What can I say... typical second year!

Anyway, so when I heard that my friend PP had a copy of the documentary and she was offering to watch it together, I jumped at the offer. So I got to PP's at around 8ish... another colleague arrived within minutes. We happily get set up to watch the movie. Get our drinks, stick the video in, sit back, and enjoy.

Hmmm, something is off. This is sort of a Blink moment: something is wrong, but I can't quite nail it. The beginning is showing different police brutality news clips, then a man in a bunny suit is walking in a police station, then actor names start coming up. Isn't this a documnetary!? Recall that I did fall asleep in the first screening, so everything is a little fuzzy now. But I decided that it was the wrong video. PP takes it out and we sit around wondering what went wrong. Ah, 2nd years... we really have nothing better to do.

20 minutes later, we notice that the video is "The Think Blue LIE," not "The Thin Blue LINE." The funniest part is that if I hadn't showed up, they would have ended watching LIE instead of Line and got to class completely confused. Here's the alternative - instead of being confused, we'll go in knowing nothing.

Like I said, 2nd years. =)

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hedonist said...

This is hilarious - remember: attention to detail!