Back from Galapagos

It was awesome. Unfortunately, I don't have time to write much (still in a hostal in Ecuador)... BUT... to give you an idea on how great the trip was, I'll share a photo of our guide:

This dude could find anything anywhere, as far as wild life was concerned. More will be shared later on my website and picture albums. I literally have thousands of pictures I need to sort out. Merry Christmas (me celebrated with decent turkey and awful Ecuadorian bubbly on the boat) and Happy New Year (GSBers, I need a party guide when I go back to Chicago tomorrow)!


shmoo said...

I'll likely be heading to Joanna's party. I can send you the info if you like.

bslw said...

I can't wait to hear all about it and compare notes. Told you it would be awesome!

shmoo said...

I think that, in honor of the recently deceased Joseph Barbera, and his study abroad quarter, BSLW should be nicknamed Hong Kong Landry: